40th Anniversary Eco-Drive brand activation for classic watch brand Citizen.
Citizen gave a brief to design a pop up stand showcasing 40 years of Citizen watches powered by solar power. It was an easy brief to work to as there had been references to their Swiss conference display which I incorporated into the popup space design as a feature. I had also designed a museum type display to showcase their innovative watch design over the 40 year period. A large part of this design was a result of research on their brand as a company rich in their history of watchmaking excellence.
Some of the main challenges of this design was that the client wanted to direct the flow of traffic into a specific direction and flow, which was resolved through the design of a timeline type display which would show their 40 year watchmaking legacy and history, telling a story and getting the consumer involved in their story.
The result was a large 6m x 3.6m space with a timeline wall as well as rotating watch displays which would attract the attention of those passing.

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