Interactive DIOR pop-up designed to engage consumers at Sydney airport.
The Dior Cosmetics interactive stage is a pop-up space located in the Sydney International Airport Departures terminal. It was a space designed to bring customer engagement into travel retail for Dior and to launch a new line of Dior cosmetics. I designed the space to incorporate a designated area for people to take travel shots on one side and to try out the new products on the opposing side.
This project was the first of its kind for my company to incorporate new practices of temporary interior space construction with integrated lighting. Safety plays a big part of anything designed within the airport and this project was no different. All bulkheads and venue ceiling requirements were taken into consideration as well as the thorough approval process through the venue and client. The design needed to pop and stand out to consumers yet also be representative of the DIOR branding. The space also needed to be designed so that the bulkhead needed to be self-supporting as well as being sturdy enough to not be knocked over by those walking into the space.
The pop-up space stood for a month and brought consumers who weren’t aware of the new products into the space. The design was meant to complement local market launch as well as increase sales in the travel retail sector for the client.

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