Campaign to increase Micron-Crucial brand presence in the AU/NZ marketplace.
As this had been the first time working with Micron-Crucial, our team needed to make sure the campaign was implemented flawlessly. Micron Technology is a fortune 500 company that is one of the largest semiconductor manufacturers in the world. It’s Crucial brand predominantly produces computer memory and data storage.
The campaign was aimed at customers to buy their products and be eligible to enter a giveaway with prizes. The campaign was pushed through re-sellers, on social media platforms such as Facebook and by Gaming influencers which would push traffic to the landing page. I was tasked to lead the creative for the campaign which included creative for the social media posts as well as designing and coding the Landing page. The overall look and feel of the campaign needed to also adhere to the Micron-Crucial brand style while being eye-catching. The landing page needed to be designed so the giveaway details and the messaging of the campaign were straight forward and legitimate but also responsive and user-friendly. It integrated third-party form-filling services like Jotform to collect consumer purchase details for the giveaway.
Overall the landing page had 2.8k clicks and a reach of 176k.

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