Shop in shop located in prime position at Auckland New Zealand airport.
The Shop in shop space design was a good opportunity to showcase the creativity and the Marc Jacobs brand in a large space located in New Zealand’s Auckland Airport. The space featured Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream as the main product. The space was designed to be open and eye catching to the passer-by. The design featured an intricate laser-cut daisy pattern which would overhang the bulkheads as decorative eaves.
One of the main challenges of this project was working with contractors and suppliers located in New Zealand. In order to ensure that the design was built as approved by client, all technical and part drawings included as many details as needed and ongoing and effective communication was maintained with the main contractor. Another issue lies within transporting the intricate eaves which were produced in house and freighted to Auckland.
Overall the result was a clean, minimal and on brand space. The client used the space as a standard for future application in global space design guidelines.

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