A nationwide competition to win a newly launched Acer Swift 5 in Australia.
In September 2019, Acer approached the agency with a project to launch their new 14” Swift 5 notebook in Australia. Our team proposed a nationwide ‘guess the weight’ competition in order to get the public excited about the new product as well as informing them of the features.
One of the main challenges was generating interest and promoting a new product to an audience who might’ve already have a similar product. The project would’ve also had to be intriguing and engaging without deviating from brand image.
We ended up doing a ‘talk to the public’ style campaign to create engagement and to feature real people. I designed and storyboarded the creative for the campaign and created the microsite which participants can interact with and enter the competition as well as executing the following social media campaign used to promote the competition.​​​​​​​
The result was over 5000 entries and 8000 visits/views nationwide. A large amount of buzz was also due to campaign video being picked up by other third-party sites through second hand marketing. Client was happy with the overall turnover and outcome of the project.

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